Please note!!! The use of Tannerite or any exploding target on the ranges at SCofFC is in direct violation of the Club rules, they are NOT an approved target! Anyone found using any of these targets are in jeopardy of having their membership revoked! Please cooperate with this.

The Directors have ordered that the discharge of 50 BMG ammunition be suspended until further notice. Our backstops are not of sufficient size or design to insure that an errant round will be stopped. Upon first offense a warning will be issued. Upon a second offense the membership will be revoked. Please cooperate with this safety issue.

Sportsman's Club of Franklin County Inc.
Sportsman's Club of Franklin County Inc

Welcome to the Sportsman's Club Home Page.

Please note, 2015 club memberships are available. This is for membership from Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2015 inclusive. All fees are in US funds! Please find the link below.


Club membership now requires reading the SCFC rules and sending the signature page in with your application! Click HERE to see or print the rules

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Calendar of Events at SCofFC for 2015! dates and times are subject to change

Click HERE for the latest version of our club by-laws!(approved February 13, 2013)

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Directions to the club.

GPS address to enter to get to the club:

861 Maquam Shore Rd. St. Albans Bay, Vermont

or enter the following in your GPS Latitude Longitude coordinates:

Latitude N44 50.403
Longitude W73 10.833

Map to SCofFC starting at Lake Street in St. Albans, the "B" balloon is the club!

Since September 24, 2001 this many people have accessed our web site!